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Monday, July 27, 2009

Financing for female owned bussiness

Financing for female owned bussiness
Financing for female owned bussiness. 6:31 AM posted by Samuel Fuentes Labels: Confesions and Advices. Women are now interested in entering in the business world, if you would notice men are the top earners in the business world. ...

Canada financing investment property

financing investment property: Top 3 Options, Pros and Cons .
Conventional investment property, Hard Money and Construction-to-Perm Loans dissected. Learn which one fits which real estate investment strategy, pros and cons.

Auto finance

Auto finance 101: Tips on Auto Financing @ Auto Loans, Car Loan .
Buying a car is the biggest financial purchase one can make besides buying a home. Most people finance their purchase to be able to afford a car. Unfortuately most people also just get an Auto loan through a dealer which isn't the best ...