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Thursday, July 23, 2009


is the set of activities dealing with the management of money. More often, it is the decision of raising and using of money for business, and of maximizing wealth and profit through investing and financial planning for individuals and large corporation.
Some company offer a traditional finace program and a financial planning program. Most finincial company will finace your business but you must qualify first.

It really don't matter what you are trying to finace weather you are looking a personal loan ,business loan, student loan,car loan,or even trying to finace a new boat it all boil down to one thing you must qualify.

How fast can a personal loans work? you may ask the borrower either goes in person to a bank or a reputable finace company online. The next step you must do is to fill out the application and provide basic proof of your ability to pay back the debt some finace company will do a credit check and some will send out information to all companies to find out if you have been paying your bill on time and to see if you owe money to any firm this may take a while but after this is done you may start the qualifing process.

Most lenders will require that you are at least 18 or 21 years old, an active resident of the United States or canada or where ever you reside and otherwise You might also have to have proof that you have a working checking account and that you are making a certain amount of money with a steady income stream for at least 8 months to one year.Some finace company may also required that you have a credit history a good credit history is a must if you really want to get that finace,if you dont have a credit history ask the finace officer if you can get a garentor this is some one who will stand up for you if you don't pay the loan the loan.

After all this step are completed the next thing you should do is to sit back and wait for a call from the finace officer to say that your finace was approved this may take a couple of day or may be a week or to but this is just the beginning ,

Paying back what your finace loan is easer said than don there are many way to pay back your finace loan. Payments can be made by cheque or by automatic payment.

If you would like to make automatic payments set up a automatic monthly withdrawal from your account, If you would like to make a payment by cheque the minimum amount is $100. Include your name, address, number, check number and a note stating the cheque is for your Loan.

The best way to avoid intrest is to make small payment to your principle to the loan this will keep the intrest from getting to high and that loan will finish faster.

Some of the top finace company in canada are bmo,td dominion, rbc, some of the best in the usa are chase,well fargo. your finace companies.

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